What Google Wants, Google Gets

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As the internet evolves and new standards for search engines emerge, Google SEO guidelines now favor and encourage the use of responsive website design. The latest Google SEO updates distinguish between mobile-friendly websites (such as responsive websites) and those that are only really suitable for viewing on desktop or laptop. The best professional website design companies keep up to date with SEO standards to maintain excellent search engine ranking that drives traffic to your organization. As the premier search engine with by far the largest market share, Google has considerable influence over best practices regarding search engine optimization techniques. In short, what Google wants, Google gets.

SEO standards reflect many different criteria that determine which sites receive the highest rankings on the major search engines and consequently draw the most internet traffic to their website. All of the leading search engines, including Google, use keywords to establish accurate rankings. New Google updates for SEO now rank responsive websites over non-mobile-friendly websites. Adaptive website design, while useful for the mobile website conversion, has shown to be expensive and difficult to implement and edit for content. The best professional website design companies have shifted their efforts to responsive websites for consistent delivery of web graphics and layout with far less upfront expense and hassle. The added advantage of responsive websites is that, compared to adaptive website designs or using separate websites for different mobile devices, it is easier to keep your message current and adjust to changes.

SEO isn’t just about keywords and information infrastructure. Numerous other factors, such as website architecture, coding, and more, go into making a mobile-friendly website successful in its search engine rankings, and the combined use of all of the latest organic search engine optimization techniques can give a valuable edge to a business or organization’s online marketing efforts. Search engine optimization experts who understand the principles of organic SEO and have the ability to implement responsive website designs with the latest search engine optimization techniques to ensure that your message will outpace competitors as you endeavor to reach the widest possible audience.