Are all responsive website designs created equal?

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Many website development companies can offer you solid web graphic design, but the fast-paced arena of World Wide Web requires much more. To create a strong online presence that drives traffic to your site, you need a professional website design company with search engine optimization experts with experience developing successful responsive website designs. Websites for mobile devices have to look and feel great on every device to target your desired audience as these devices are increasingly used to access the internet. Mobile-friendly websites using responsive website design and SEO content give you the best opportunity to reach the most people with your message.

Not all responsive and mobile-friendly website development companies understand the full range of techniques that need to be deployed to ensure a website has a strong SEO value. The leading search engines use several different types of ranking criteria that range from graphic structure, information management techniques, keyword placement, security compliance, website architecture, coding standards, and more. Missing any of these best practices in website design and development leads to websites with low SEO value that do not compete effectively for top results in the major search engines. The most experienced website developers can take your organization’s message and ensure that it reaches all devices with the same great look and feel, implemented with the latest best practices in  SEO to achieve the best possible result.

Making the upgrade to mobile-friendly websites is a critically important move for all organizations, and the best professional website design companies use responsive website design for its reasonable initial investment and ongoing maintenance cost (especially when compared to developing separate websites for mobile devices or using an adaptive website design), the ease of use and design consistency, and a framework to establish the best SEO rankings. Don’t invest in clunky websites set up by inexperienced developers. The decision can make the difference between an ongoing headache or a online marketing platform that continues to deliver real results. When you choose a firm among all the competing website development companies, make sure they have the experience needed with responsive website design and SEO to get the most out of your message.