Can I convert my current website to a responsive design?

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Converting a website to mobile-friendly responsive website design is critically important in today’s competitive online atmosphere. More and more users access the internet through tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, so it’s becoming essential that you maintain the look and functionality of your website across every device. Mobile website development can convert a traditional website for desktops and laptops to a responsive website with innovative information management strategies that deliver a seamless experience for any user, combined with SEO architecture and content that drives high rankings in Google and the other major search engines for search terms related to what your organization has to offer. The best professional website design company employs the latest state-of-the-art SEO strategies and graphic web design methods to ensure the best results with cost-effective solutions for conversion and ongoing maintenance.

Designing a responsive website takes into account the rapidly advancing development of new technologies used to access the internet, and responsive website design uses a media query system as an optimal way to retrieve the correct format. Used in association with fluid grids and flexible images, responsive websites make instantaneous adjustments to deliver mobile websites that look great and operate on any device with a seamless look and feel. Adaptive website design, while effective, has proven to cost more in initial development than responsive websites, and is more difficult to edit and maintain. When you are converting an existing desktop/laptop website into a mobile-friendly website, these are important infrastructural decisions that affect your business or organization now and in the future, so it is critical that the website development option you pursue works in the long term. Once a new responsive website is established, analytics can allow you to track the performance of the website over time. Furthermore, since responsive websites are easier to update, you will be able to respond to market changes with more cost-effective content revisions than are possible with adaptive website designs.

A modern website conversion shouldn’t be just about the format. The best professional website design company will employ search engine optimization experts to tailor your content to match keyword queries on Google and other search engines with the incorporation of SEO keywords matched to your organization. This results in increased internet traffic from people interested in your products and services. The combined benefits of mobile website design conversion along with new SEO content and a search engine optimized architecture are critical to driving success for your organization going forward, and the reduced development costs when compared to adaptive website design make responsive websites the most cost-effective way to advance and maintain your online presence into the future.