How do you pick a responsive web designer?

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Website Development Experience

The best website designers keep pace with the rapid advancements in internet technology and, as businesses and organizations make the upgrade to mobile-friendly websites, developers with mobile navigation expertise can save time and prevent the common pitfalls that often occur. Setting up the right structure up front with responsive web design allows greater flexibility in making the move to websites for mobile devices. Consistency in look from device to device increases a website’s SEO value and helps to keep the best responsive websites ranked highest in internet searches.

Graphic Design Expertise

Website graphic design is one of the key factors to consider in deciding if a website developer is right for you. The best professional website design company will be able to demonstrate not only fantastic graphic designs for web, but will also have the technical expertise necessary to tailoring those designs for all devices and screen sizes. Experience designing for smartphones and tablets to deliver optimal viewing experiences and maximum SEO value is essential. The graphic designs and the information management infrastructure both work together to achieve the best SEO for maximum market penetration. Parallax scrolling (a.k.a, 2.5D) is one of the latest new trends in internet design, but only experienced developers are able to deploy this design style in responsive websites while keeping it from slowing down a site or interfering with the presentation of the parallax-scrolling effect in all the different design intervals targeted by the best responsive websites.


Not all website developers understand how critical it is to incorporate all SEO ranking criteria into their design, including the use of preferred security protocols. HTTPS encryption not only establishes secured and verified internet communication, it also improves your status in SEO rankings. All aspects of responsive website design, from the graphic design and accurate keyword placement tailored to your organization by search engine optimization experts, to  compliance of the website’s architecture and coding with Google’s SEO guidelines, will best serve your presence on the internet, and ensure you get you message across on every device, consistently and accurately.

Ongoing Service and Support

The best search engine optimization company will offer SEO programs that make continuous and regular updates to strengthen websites over time. Search engine optimization experts should ensure that keyword-rich SEO content is added and refined to support new responsive websites and move with new trends in internet searches and market changes.  The best responsive websites makes these revisions far easier than websites made with other methods such as adaptive website design, and reliable online service and support ensure the long-lasting value of a site in an ever-changing internet environment.