Google’s “HTTPS Everywhere” Initiative

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With the proliferation of malware and a myriad of other unwanted security threats, the methods used to create encrypted websites has evolved from SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) digital security certificates to TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates. Digital security certificates establish a secure and open lane of communication between two parties over the internet, preventing the information shared from being captured by any third parties. Google’s “HTTPS Everywhere” initiative seeks to reduce and prevent website data breaches with new Google SEO guidelines that favor websites using HTTPS encryption. By giving preference to HTTPS sites in search rankings, Google’s initiative encourages developers to employ the most effective protocols for internet security.

In the top-left corner of your browser’s address bar, you will see the current website’s security status. It will be more and more common for you to find a green lock icon with https as the first part of the address, which indicates a secure encrypted connection with a verified digital security certificate. This is the preferred security status of websites, and Google will factor this in its results whenever you search for content with their search engine. Search engine optimization experts will implement TLS certificates on any new website so that  the contributions of keyword content, graphic presentation, and website architecture to its SEO rankings are not hampered by the lack of HTTPS encryption.

Mobile-friendly responsive websites that comply with Google SEO guidelines and incorporate TLS encryption are thus necessary to deliver optimum results in web searches. The best professional website design companies stay up to date with all of the latest Google SEO guidelines, and develop strong contemporary websites that bring greater online  traffic to your organization. In addition to keyword-, code-, and architecture-based SEO rankings, they know how to secure a website with HTTPS encryption. With the move toward responsive website design, the best professional website design company will develop a website that looks great on every device, performs well in searches, and remains secure during all internet transactions.